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      Screw-wing LoRa remote water meter


      This type of water meter adopts a screw-wing impeller inside. The pressure loss is small and the measurement accuracy is high. The appearance is small and exquisite. The installation space is small. The vertical installation saves nearly half of the installation space compared with the conventional horizontal water meter. It is a far-reaching water meter with excellent overall performance. Built-in LoRa wireless communication transceiver interface, with network stability, convenient remote meter reading, remote transmission remote control and other advantages, is worthy of the water company and water resources management department preferred IoT water meter.

      一、Technical characteristics:

      • The use of a number of original patents (name: an electronic screw-wing smart small-caliber water meter; screw-type small-caliber water meter internal fluid transmission; electronic water meter automatic error correction verification, etc.), the first domestic vertical screw technology Applied to small-diameter water meters, leading international patent technology

      • Vertical installation, occupying space is too small, the performance is super good; the valve can be added in the table to support the remote control valve switch. Usage data HD LCD display, electromechanical dual display

      • Choose internationally-used PPO materials that meet the requirements of pure water, healthy and environmentally friendly

      • Electronic high-sensitivity water meter with small starting flow and automatic error correction

      • Low-power design, built-in battery can maintain water meter normal measurement for more than six years

      • Real-time view of battery voltage through management software for easy replacement

      • Wireless remote transmission frequency range 470MHz~510MHz, LoRa wireless communication mode, transmission power ≤50mw, 1st level open communication distance between concentrator and water meter is about 1KM, by increasing relay route, the farthest meter reading distance is about 5KM

      • Low cost, the DN15/20/25 body is the same, just configure different pipe joints

      • There is a real-time clock in the table, and the clock can be calibrated by the host computer.

      • Support ladder water price setting, support prepaid or postpaid

      Screw-wing LoRa remote water meter

      Parameters & installation


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