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      Wireless thermometer


      YT-2 wireless thermometer is a high-tech temperature measurement product independently developed by our company for China's heating system. The working principle is to remotely read the temperature of each node through the PC software. The management department can adjust the size of the heating valve according to the temperature, which can avoid heating waste or insufficient.。

      一、Technical characteristics:

      • Small and exquisite appearance, with a sense of design

      • Built-in temperature detection chip to detect indoor temperature

      • Remote transmission of temperature data via wireless remote communication

      • There are NB-IOT type, and LoRa type, two communication methods to choose from

      • Easy to use, mature technology

      Wireless thermometer

      Parameters & installation

      1. 1. Product model: YT-2 type.

      2. 2. Measurement range: 0.1 °C ~ 60 °C.

      3. 3. Measurement accuracy: ±1 °C.

      4. 4. Resolution: 0.1 °C.

      5. 5, wireless communication function: using LORA modulation mode, with the advantages of high performance, long distance, low power consumption, data transmission through the wireless frequency band. It is powered by a built-in high-performance, low-power lithium battery. The wireless frequency band uses a dedicated meter reading frequency band, which is preferably used in the 470MHz to 510 MHz frequency band. It uses NB-IOT communication mode, narrow-band Internet of Things, and has low power consumption and long-distance performance. .

      6. 6. Dimensions: 104mm × 55mm × 27mm.


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