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      Large diameter intelligent wireless heating valve


      LX-4 large-caliber intelligent wireless heating valve adopts NB-IOT Internet of Things technology. It is a high-tech toll management product independently developed by our company for the heating charge of domestic heating majors. It is suitable for large-diameter plumbing of independent heating pipes. Heating system. The working principle is to install intelligent heating valve in the heating inlet or the return water pipe. After the user pays the fee, the user can remotely open the valve for heating through the “heating information service platform” software, without paying the fee and heating, and realize the intelligent management of prepaid heating. This smart wireless heating valve adopts NB-IOT narrow-band Internet of Things, and the remote transmission network is stable and reliable. The built-in temperature sensor in the watch body can automatically upload the heating temperature of the pipe, which is convenient for the administrator to adjust the built-in valve switch angle of the intelligent wireless heating valve according to actual needs, and achieve the energy saving and emission reduction target by adjusting the heating temperature. It is an ideal scientific management heating valve tool for heating and charging departments, intelligent wireless heating valve tool, NB Internet of Things heating valve management tool。

      一、Technical characteristics:

      • Special microprocessor integrated circuit and high reliability design, built-in valve

      • Through NB-IOT (narrowband IoT communication method, realize long-distance communication, open/close heating valve in real time

      • Monitor the temperature by uploading the pipeline wirelessly, and adjust the water supply temperature according to the heating temperature.

      • The built-in valve angle of the intelligent heating valve can be adjusted to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

      • Built-in clock function, with the purchase, time switch

      • Built-in high-performance lithium battery, the service life is more than 8 years.

      • With high-definition LCD screen, display temperature information and on-off valve status information

      Large diameter intelligent wireless heating valve

      Parameters & installation

      Model: LX-4 type

      Nominal diameter: 40mm, 50mm

      Body material: cast copper pipe

      Temperature environment: suitable for<90 degrees Celsius water temperature

      Power: Built-in 3.6V high performance lithium battery

      On-off valve display: HD LCD screen

      On/off valve time: around 10S

      Communication method: NB-IOT narrowband Internet of Things

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