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      Smart ic card cold water meter


      This product uses a number of patented technologies (name: improved floating ball valve for IC card water meter; IC card water meter case with ball valve and water meter connected; one type of intelligent water meter device capable of resisting strong magnetism, etc.), technology Advanced, stable performance, has been available for more than ten years, is a user-friendly card-type prepaid water meter.

      • Patented ball valve, high temperature resistance, low power consumption and low pressure loss. Internal clock circuit switch valve to prevent valve fouling and lock

      • Adopt non-magnetic sampling patent technology, anti-magnetic anti-interference, accurate measurement

      • Micropower design battery life is greater than 6 years, battery low alarm indication

      • Built-in precision clock, with management software to achieve ladder water price

      • One meter and one card record water consumption, prepaid function, first use water after recharging

      • The remaining water is insufficient to close the valve alarm, and the card is opened.

      • One-card function, support one card multi-table, realize water and electricity card

      Smart ic card cold water meter

      Parameters & installation


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