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      Electronic M-BUS remote water meter


      M-BUS is a bus structure specially designed for utility meters. It is called Meter-Bus, or M-Bus for short. The working principle is to use modem technology to transmit data on DC low-voltage power lines. The M-BUS dedicated module is embedded in the meter and the concentrator, and the dedicated two-core cable is used for data transmission. M-BUS remote meter reading method is a wired remote meter reading method commonly used before the promotion of wireless remote water meter. It is a wired remote meter with RS484, which is more convenient than RS485 communication.

      一、This M-BUS electronic remote water meter technical features:

      • The electronic high-sensitivity water meter has small starting flow and high measurement accuracy. Adopted a variety of patented technologies (name: one for intelligent water meter device capable of resisting strong magnetism; water case with ball valve and water meter connected; automatic error correction and verification of electronic water meter, etc.), technologically innovative products, production automation High degree and high productivity

      • Choose internationally-used PPO materials that meet the requirements of pure water, healthy and environmentally friendly

      • M-BUS/RS485 bus communication mode, the normal working state is powered by the communication line

      • Low-power design; built-in battery can ensure the normal metering of the water meter when the communication line is broken, and the backup battery can maintain the normal metering of the water meter for more than six years.

      • The communication line break does not affect the normal metering of the water meter, and the data is permanently stored.

      • There is a real-time clock in the table, and the clock can be calibrated by the host computer.

      • Valves can be added to the table to support remote control valve function

      • Step water price can be set to support prepaid or postpaid

      Electronic M-BUS remote water meter

      Parameters & installation


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